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state, come over. I say I shouldn't bc u are both married and if I did come over then I couldn't say no there to sex. These ladies are horny and wont take no for an answer. They tell me to just come over and I can just watch them, but really not possible unless I want to commit adultery. Then they offer to pay me for it, lol. What is your stance on adultery and would you do it money? Its insulting but at the same time kinda flattering, lol! They are beautiful and sexy! And your opinion?

Hello there things are going amazing with me, the new boyfriend is also amazing he’s probably been the most mature guy I have dated compared to all the guys I have dated or tried to work things out with in the past… He does everything a boyfriend should do and I seriously have a smile on my face all the time because of him, but of course the relationship is still new and all but it’s nice to actually have a guy with a head on his shoulder and is mature compared to my high school relationships and my ex who was the biggest cheap skate out there!! That and he went up to my work before I went in and brought flowers to have waiting for me when I got there and so everyone in the office is jealous and loves him haha it’s a good feeling everyone HATED my ex, including the dentist I work for so this is nice change! And as far as the kids go, we are still taking it slow but so far it has not been an issue!

Now for your situation I would say stay the hell away from married women, especially drunk horny women but that’s just my point of view! Cheating is a huge no in my books…. And if they are slutty enough to ask you to come watch them and pay you that’s just gross…. And you said they have kids as well even worse!!!! Your just asking for trouble!!

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